Access Your Files

Access Your Files

The mobile apps listed on this page will give you basic access to download and share your files on your mobile device. These are our older mobile apps that can do the basics but are not as fully featured or as polished as our apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Officially they are retired.

You are welcome to use them but these are no longer officially supported nor are they being actively improved / developed.

We are continually expanding to new devices and platforms, if you don't see GoAruna available for your phone or device please make a request in our feedback forums http://feedback.goaruna.com.

Expand Your Mobile File Storage
You probably don’t need all your files on your mobile all the time. Store files in your GoAruna online storage account and just download the files you need when you need them. Delete files on your mobile when you don’t need them and you can still have a safe copy always available online.
Send / Share Large Files
Need to send / share files that are too big for email? No problem. Share even large files without worrying about attachment size limits of your email system. Send files from your mobile in seconds with just a couple clicks.
Manage Files
Access your GoAruna Online storage and download files to your phone. Also, manage organize, move, copy, upload, download and send your files on your device and in your GoAruna Online Storage.