Manage Your Android Files

Manage Your Android Files

GoAruna for Android is a powerful file manager for your Android and so much more. Get files to and from your Android, computer and of course your GoAruna Online storage. We also make it very easy to view, play, manage and share your documents and media. You can also create / edit text documents and view PDFs. Your files are always with you with GoAruna Files for Android.

Oh, and one more thing. It's free.

You can download GoAruna Files for Android from the Android Market. Just search for GoAruna in the Market on your Android phone.


Scan this QR code with your Android phone and you will be taken directly to GoAruna Files for Android download page in the Android Market.

View, Play and Review Files
With all your files in one place, it is easy to play your audio, view video and review your documents on your Android.
Expand Your Android File Storage
You probably don’t need all your files on your Android all the time. Store files in your GoAruna online storage account and just download the files you need when you need them. Delete files on your Android when you don’t need them and you can still have a safe copy always available online.
PDF Viewer
View PDFs on your Android device with the GoAruna PDF viewer. You can also open PDFs in GoAruna from other Android apps.
Text Editor
Create and save text documents on your Android device. Also great for light editing of your existing text documents.
The GoAruna file manager for Android is available in 14 languages. All languages are included in the main download and your language will appear automatically when you start the app.
Media browser and player
Play your videos, music and view your images on your Android with just a click.
Fast image preview
Quickly preview images stored in your GoAruna Online storage without having to painstakingly download each image.
Manage Files
Take control of both your online and Android files. Manage, organize, view, send, upload, download, delete and more with GoAruna Files for Android.
Send / Share Large Files
Need to send / share files that are too big for email? No problem. Share even large files without worrying about attachment size limits of your email system. Send files from your Android in seconds with just a couple clicks.
Files inbox
Friends, family and co-workers can send you files from your own web upload page. You get them in one central and convenient place. Your own personal Files Inbox.
Upload by Email
Just attach a file to an email and address it to your special "GoAruna Upload by email" address and it will be uploaded to your GoAruna account automatically. Use this to email files to your GoAruna account or give it to others and they can send files to you too.
File transfer manager
Check the status, progress and manage all of your uploads and downloads from one place.
Login Security Options
Keep your files from prying eyes with passcode login security, local files access controls and enhanced login settings. Or maybe you prefer convenience over security and prefer to use the "no click" auto-login feature.
Capture and upload
Need to quickly capture a moment? One click Capture and Upload is for you. Just snap your picture (or video, voice note, text note) and it will be automatically uploaded to your GoAruna Online Storage account for safe keeping, sharing and future access from any device.